While education systems and other nonprofit agencies scramble to meet the needs of their communities, the Boys & Girls Club is ready to welcome your kids for a fun summer camp experience! This summer the Club will offer a full-day summer camp from 7:30am - 5pm for youth ages 5-13 years only. The program located out of the Main Club on 70 Nick Cosmos Way operates from July 6th – August 21st and will include snack, lunch, project-based learning, enrichment activities, and much more.

COVID-19 school closures and recently traumatic events will have a devastating impact on academic achievement, youth development, and result in significant opportunity gaps. To combat this and better prepare our kids for next school year, HBGC is excited to announce that we will be implementing Summer Brain Gain – a Boys & Girls Club of America curriculum which is a fun, interactive learning program designed for summer in the Club! The weekly educational modules will include habitats and eco-systems, storytelling, STEM, and reading. Every week offers a component in either math, science or literacy!

Our Evening Teen Membership Program serving youth ages 12 - 18 is currently closed. Please check back for updates and announcements.


Volunteer Application

Make A Difference. Whether you volunteer, mentor, tutor, donate or educate others about the dropout issue, collectively it makes a difference. America must step up and curb the high school dropout crisis. We can all help. Be part of the new education equation!

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